Friday, July 13, 2012

Ugly Appliances

Good Morning!
I am new to the phenomenon of spray painting anything you choose to re-do. If you are on Pinterest you probably have seen the upholstered chairs that have been spray painted and refrigerators etc..

Well, I am not that brave but I did get inspired to spray paint my ugly Kitchen Aid. It's kind of a yellowy, lime color. It was a hand-me-down and I love it, but wasn't crazy about it's 70's color!

So..went to the hardware store and picked up a can of black
 "Rust-Oleum" Appliance Epoxy spray paint.
It's washable and moisture resistant and has a smooth shiny finish.

 I covered the parts I didn't want painted with masking tape. Also, the very back unscrews and comes off to expose the wires. I wrapped it with saran wrap and put a rubber band around it (so progressive). I sprayed the cap, which you see in the pic below, separately. I'm sorry I didn't take better pictures of the details.

I learned the hard way that you have to spray LIGHT coats of paint otherwise it drips and streaks :(

So, I sprayed it and sanded it lightly two times. Then sprayed it a third and last time. It's best to let the Epoxy paint dry for 48 hours in between coats to allow it to set properly. (Sand lightly before you spray the first coat.)


See the back wires exposed? That cap comes safely off.

I had not covered everything with tape yet in these pics. 


I still have to paint the cord with an everyday black matte paint.
 I am quite happy with it! What do you think? 

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